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The world economic centre of gravity is shifting from West to East. In Asia-Pacific, the increase in ultra-high-net-worth individuals is greater than anywhere else in the world, with more individuals able to make significant gifts to critical causes than ever before.

Philanthropy in the region has not seen the same dramatic increases, with the potential impact of philanthropy yet to be fully realized.

Is philanthropy in the region at a tipping point? Will philanthropy accelerate dramatically to solve the region’s challenges, or experience a plateau?

Ideas from Asia, for Asia

At Talking Philanthropy 2021 we will review the greatest challenges faced by philanthropists in emerging markets and the impact of governments on philanthropy in Asia-Pacific.

Philanthropy experts will discuss how we can encourage governments, philanthropists and non-profits to engage with each other, and the changes to regulation and public policy that could enhance the opportunities for the philanthropic ecosystem within the region.

Building a new narrative for Asian philanthropy

There is no one way to be successful in philanthropy.

Charitable giving is deeply rooted in the culture of many countries in Asia-Pacific, and there is a long history of philanthropy in the region.

Still, all too often, individuals and organisations try to solve challenges in the East with solutions from the West.

This event will look at Asian traditions and build future models that are sensitive to these traditions and cultures and build a pathway for Asian philanthropy developed in Asia by Asian practioners and philanthropists for Asia

At Talking Philanthropy 2021, world-leaders in philanthropy will gather to examine how to generate bespoke initiatives, undertake further research and develop models to foster and maximise the philanthropic potential of Asia-Pacific, that accommodate for the diversity of societies and cultures in the region.

Join Us

Join us for thought provoking discussions with world-leading experts as we examine ways to support a philanthropy ecosystem in Asia-Pacific, concentrated around the following focus areas of philanthropy:


We will study the response of philanthropists in Asia to the pandemic, and the impact they have had globally.

What we can learn from the response to covid-19 and how can similar responses be replicated for other healthcare crises?

How has the international response to the pandemic fostered collaboration between philanthropists and NGOs? What will be the long-term effect?


We will review the extent of philanthropy for environmental causes, particularly in Asia-Pacific, and how health and the environment are interconnected.

How will governments in Asia encourage giving to environmental causes?


How philanthropy in education has a transformative effect on economies

What makes philanthropy in education so successful in Asia-Pacific?

How can the approach to philanthropy in education be replicated for other critical causes?